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Doubleice reading

Doubleice womens fashion funky reading glasses.

Doubleice reading glasses are a collection of funky reading glasses that are trendy cool and fashionable

Reading glasses sold in the UK  by funkyreaders. Doubleice are Italian and designed in Treviso in Northern Italy close to Venice.

Doubleice spa was established in 2005 by Raffaella Lizambi, an architect with worldwide experience in the fashion and industrial design fields.

She has a passion for eyeglasses of which she has an important collection.

In the 80`s Raffaella met Rinaldo, the son of Osalco Montaban, Italian fighter plane pilot and founder of the biggest Italian producer of eyeglass components.

And so technology merged with fashion and Raffaella married Rinaldo.

Over the time she noticed that the reading glasses wore were always the same.

A surprising trend in an area neglected by the big manufacturers.

It was a territory to be explored in order to find new solutions and Raffaella produced her first collections.

Inspired by her archives, a treasure chest of styles, eras and models.

Since then the female part of the Monalban family has been dedicated to Doubleice, a company run by women, now led by daughter Matilde.

She encapsulates perfectly the past, present and future of an enterprise that boasts unique traditions and know how.

The collection include  "Velvet" "Bridge","Moon" and "Cocktail". reading glasses.

Doubleice reading glasses are sophisticated Funky reading glasses and come at a reasonable price.

hey are high quality frames and lenses. Buy them here!

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