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Blue light

Blue light

Blue light has always been there but it has now crept relatively unnoticed into our everyday lives through the use of our phones our computers our laptops and tablets. We can come off our daily work stations and feel drained. Our eyes can feel strained and the nagging first signs of a headache can be felt. What is this blue light?

Blue light comes from natural light sources but is also found in artificial energy saving sources and is present in digital screens which give out the artificial source of the blue light which is also described as high energy visible or HEV. Average computer screens have predominately two colours white and blue and these two colours can cause eyestrain when viewed for a consistent period of time as it disturbs our sharp vision which is not sensitive to blue light.

There are ways of countering the blue light. You can for instance adjust the brightness, the text and background colours on your devices or you can wear protective glasses. On our website we now sell Screen reading glasses that have special lenses that will filter out 40% of the blue light that is it emitted from digital devices.

blue light relief with IZIPIZI Screen glasses

In the past protective glasses have been large clumsy affairs with no style and never fashion orientated. We have solved that problem by introducing I Need You Screen glasses and Aptica popart and karma So if you are one of the 5-12% of the population that suffer eyestrain from computer and digital use these reading glasses may be the answer for you. They come as reading strengths +1.5 to +3. They can also be worn to provide a soothing reading experience away from devices.

I hope you have found this useful but if you are ever in any doubt please consult your optician or medical practioner.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith