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Cyprus 2017

Cyprus 2017

Cyprus 2017



Judith and I have just come back from a relaxing and mentally stimulating trip to see our friends the Bedi family in Cyprus.We visited a number of historical sites in Pafos,Mandria and Omodos in between some fine dining and relaxing at the family pool and the Sea You beach bar. 

In Pafos there is the Church of St Pauls Pillar which is worth visiting. St Paul visited pafos in 45 AD evangelising and for his pains before he left he was taken to a pillar and received 40 lashes of the whip. That pillar is still there today. The Church itself is still a functioning Catholic church and services are still held there. 

The Greek Cypriots have their own saints and we stumbled upon St Vrieni just outside the village of Mandria. Saint Vrieni or otherwise Vrioni is honoured in a chapel which is the one and only chapel in the world dedicated to this saint. It is set over looking the sea and amidst the local arable farm land. Until 1963-64 the village was inhabited by Turkish and Greek Cypriots. The Greek Cypriots left and the chapel was destroyed by the Turkish Cypriots.In 1975 when the conflict had ended refugees returned to the village and following a vision of St Vrioni to a Mrs Stavroula the chapel remains were found and the chapel rebuilt. Inside you will discover a very intimate experience. The saint has been responsible for a number of modern day miracles including cures of cancer.

Our last architectural stop was at the Church of the Holy Cross in Omodos, a 30 minute drive into the beautiful hills above Pafos. The Church holds relics of numerous saints including St Phillip, but the most stunning piece is the silver cross which contains pieces of the rope that was used in the crucifixtion of Christ. After the visit we ate an amazing mezze at Stou Kir Yianni tavern in the village. Be warned on a Sunday you need to book as the Greek Cypriot families flock there.

Finally may we thank our friends the Bedi family for their fantastic hospitality, to John and Zoe Taylor for their friendship and the fantastic food and service at the Koor i Noor Indian restaurant in Pafos.

Ciao for now!