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Funkyreaders goes international

Funkyreaders goes international

Funkyreaders goes international

News is certainly spreading about funkyreaders. We have orders placed from Ireland, Denmark, Milan Italy the home of fashion,USA, New Zealand and Brazil.

Purchases are across the range with the Doktors being a popular buy. Andy Warhol is wowing with its unusual and challenging design and the other art collection glasses are waiting in the wings to join the show.

We have reduced the price of our Ipronti range as an early Christmas present. The reductions represent in some glasses 20%. If M&S can do it so can Funky!

We have just finished a ladies charity event and a lady who bought a pair of La Scala Purple velvet glasses told us that she had been in Sirmione on an Italian holiday and had purchased Ipronti glasses there and was so impressed with them that she scoured the internet for them and found our website. She then fortuitously found us at her charity lunch. It is a small world.

Other ladies purchased sunreaders and sunglasses from the Eyerespect range. Those glasses are going on holiday to Miami, South Africa and the Far East. Yes Funkyreaders are truly going international.

Ciao for now!